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Your Health and Safety Solution

When it comes to Health and Safety in the workplace there is one statement that should apply to all workplaces:  "Prevention Not Reaction."

We practice what we preach with the work we complete. Our Consultant works with clients by getting to know their business and needs so that the solutions we provide are tailored to the client. Our solutions are preventative measures to prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace. We strive to be different than other consulting firms by providing you with a custom solution to help your company. 

Solutions may include training for your workers, auditing your current health and safety program or even a Full Service solution to create, implement and monitor a full Health and Safety Program in the workplace. Clients appreciate the thorough approach that provides a custom solution. Sooley’s Safety Services is a small business and understands the constraints that small businesses have. We work with clients to find a solution that fits into the client's budget while ensuring the client can achieve compliance.  

Mission and Values Statement

* To provide businesses with affordable Health and Safety Consulting and Training Services

* To provide honest, reliable service to clients and work with clients on a long term basis.


* To become a One-Stop Health and Safety Solution for my clients

* To regularly review Laws, Regulations and Standards to ensure our solutions meet all compliance requirements.

* To ensure that my actions and recommendations are strictly for the client's benefit.

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Our process always puts the client first ensuring the solution provided solves the client's issue while fitting into the client's budget.  

Talk to us today about how we will assist you with compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulations and Standards that apply to your business. 

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The Team


Meet the Owner and Lead Consultant

Doug Sooley is the owner and lead consultant for Sooley's Safety Services.  Doug started this company in March 2015 to offer Health and Safety Consulting and Training Services to Small Businesses.  Since graduating from Brock University in 2007, Doug has worked in the lumber, transportation, construction and warehouse and logistics industries in a safety role including being a member of the Joint Health and Safety Committee and managing Health and Safety programs in the workplace. 

Safety is a passion for Doug and he shows this in the work completed for clients and through his professional development and continuing education endeavors. This includes Train-The-Trainer courses, a certificate through Seneca College and constantly researching updates to Laws, Standards and Regulations as well as best practices in the industry.